Cinnamon Grand Colombo Review

Discover why the average Cinnamon Grand Colombo Hotel review gives the hotel—and Colombo itself—high marks for convenience and first class amenities. 

If you’re going to Colombo in Sri Lanka, it’s probably a good idea to stay at least a few days. It’s no longer just a place you have to suffer through before you can finally enjoy yourself in the beaches in the south. It’s a major tourist spot as well. And if you’re going to enjoy your stay in Sri Lanka’s commercial capital and biggest city, it’s also a good idea to consider booking a room in Cinnamon Grand Colombo. According to just about every Cinnamon Grand Colombo Hotel review, it’s your best option in the city.

“It’s very nice and clean… house cleaners come in every day to service your room stay!” – Mary G. Continue reading “Cinnamon Grand Colombo Review”