Top 10 Reasons Why You Should Consider Traveling To Sri Lanka

When looking at a world map, you should be able to find India easily. Check the southern part of the subcontinent, and you’ll find an island just off its coast. That’s Sri Lanka. A vacation to Sri Lanka is in order if you need a more exotic holiday vacation instead of spending a week in Disneyworld or Hawaii.

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If you’re going to Colombo in Sri Lanka, it’s probably a good idea to stay at least a few days. It’s no longer just a place you have to suffer through before you can finally enjoy yourself in the beaches in the south. It’s a major tourist spot as well. And if you’re going to enjoy your stay in Sri Lanka’s commercial capital and biggest city, it’s also a good idea to consider booking a room in Cinnamon Grand Colombo. According to just about every Cinnamon Grand Colombo Hotel review, it’s your best option in the city.

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Top Things To Do in Sri Lanka

Sri Lanka is a huge island filled with fantastic scenery, whether you’re gazing at the natural beauty of the environment, the birds, elephants, monkeys, and leopards in the natural parks, or visiting ancient temples. But there’s more to the island than just sightseeing, and the numerous things to do in Sri Lanka can satisfy even the most ardent adventurers.

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The Best Places To Go in Sri Lanka

Deciding to visit Sri Lanka is a very easy decision to make In fact the number of visitors has tripled in recent years. But which ones are considered the best places to go in Sri Lanka? Here are some suggestions to keep in mind:

The West Coast and Colombo

The West Coast of the island is the most heavily populated and also the most modern, as it’s where you’ll find the capital city of Colombo.

  • North of the capital lies the Negombo resort and it’s usually the first or last stop for many tourists because it’s right by the airport.
  • Go further up the coast and you’ll find the tranquil Kalpitiya peninsula, where the beaches are deserted. You can also see dolphins nearby.
  • South of the capital is where you’ll find the main beach resort areas of the island, such as Bentota, Beruwala, and Kalutara. The hotels are huge and the guests are mostly Europeans on 2-week holidays.
  • Go further south and you’ll get to the hippy Hikkaduwa hangout. Backpackers congregate here in large numbers, as the surf, sand, and sun can be enjoyed for less money.

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The Best Places to Stay in Sri Lanka

Back in 2009, tourists who visited Sri Lanka didn’t even reach 450,000, but then it was mainly because there was a civil war on the island. Ever since the conflict ended, visitors have been arriving in droves, eager to see the attractions that once impressed Marco Polo and made him declare Sri Lanka as the finest island in the world. Nowadays, it receives 1.5 million people visitors each year. If you’re planning a trip to this paradise, there are plenty of excellent places to stay in Sri LankaContinue reading “The Best Places to Stay in Sri Lanka”

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