Cinnamon Grand Colombo Review

Discover why the average Cinnamon Grand Colombo Hotel review gives the hotel—and Colombo itself—high marks for convenience and first class amenities. 

If you’re going to Colombo in Sri Lanka, it’s probably a good idea to stay at least a few days. It’s no longer just a place you have to suffer through before you can finally enjoy yourself in the beaches in the south. It’s a major tourist spot as well. And if you’re going to enjoy your stay in Sri Lanka’s commercial capital and biggest city, it’s also a good idea to consider booking a room in Cinnamon Grand Colombo. According to just about every Cinnamon Grand Colombo Hotel review, it’s your best option in the city.

“It’s very nice and clean… house cleaners come in every day to service your room stay!” – Mary G.

Cinnamon Grand Colombo Hotel Review

Hotel Amenities

It’s a thoroughly modern place with modern amenities, free parking and free Wi-Fi for guests. You can spend an entire day (or even several days) in just the hotel area and you can truly relax and enjoy yourself.

The rooms are beautiful and spacious, and a sumptuous breakfast is available. In fact, don’t worry about meals, as there are 14 restaurants in the hotel alone.

You can spend the day in one of the 2 outdoor pools, or perhaps in one of the 2 outdoor tennis courts. If total relaxation is your goal, then the full-service spa awaits your visit. There’s a 24-hour business center just in case you need it so that you can take care of business first before you can truly relax.

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Amenities for Families

This hotel is perfect for families with young kids because everyone—including parents—can relax and enjoy themselves. Babysitting and childcare services, along with the children’s club, are all freely available for guests. Children can participate in supervised activities, and they can even enjoy the children’s pool as well.

What that means is that you don’t have to go on vacation in Sri Lanka only to be a watchful parent 24/7. Your children will be cared for safely, while they can do their own things and have fun. Meanwhile, you can go out and appreciate the many sights that Colombo has to offer.

Cinnamon Grand Colombo Hotel Room Review

Perfect Location

You can visit any spot in the city you like, as the hotel offers limo and town car service. But the Cinnamon Grand Colombo is in the heart of the city, so many of the most popular tourist spots are nearby.

You can reach the Chabad of Sri Lanka, the place where Jews congregate and are welcomed, after just 8 minutes of walking down the street. It may surprise you to learn that Jews were present in Sri Lanka by as early as the 9th century.

The other sites nearby you can visit include the Gangaramaya Temple, St Anthony’s Church, and the High Commission of India. All these locations can be reached after just 12 minutes of walking.

But it doesn’t have to be cultural sites all the time. There are plenty of fine restaurants too. What’s more, the hotel is right near the beach and you can bring the whole family on your trip. In Colombo, you won’t have to go out of the city for some beachside fun. It’s right there by the hotel, and that’s why the typical Cinnamon Grand Colombo Hotel review says that this is the ideal hotel to stay in if you’re ever in this city.

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