Top 10 Reasons Why You Should Consider Traveling To Sri Lanka

When looking at a world map, you should be able to find India easily. Check the southern part of the subcontinent, and you’ll find an island just off its coast. That’s Sri Lanka. A vacation to Sri Lanka is in order if you need a more exotic holiday vacation instead of spending a week in Disneyworld or Hawaii.

Here are the main reasons why tourists flock to Sri Lanka: 

  • The locals are very friendly. It’s a multi-cultural and multi-religious island, and people all get along with each other. They’re very friendly, and that’s very obvious to visitors. They’re a far cry from countries that frown on how different you are, and let’s not even talk about Parisian waiters.
  • The natural beauty of the place is stunning. Yes, there are beaches everywhere but you have lots of other places to visit here. Check out the hillsides, and you’ll invariably find a postcard-pretty waterfall. Here you have large tea plantations, rolling plains, and even 7 types of forests.
  • If you love the beach and aquatic sports, Sri Lanka is heaven on Earth. You’ll find various types of surfing to enjoy, plus boating and diving. It offers 1,600 kilometers of coastline, and more than a hundred rivers for canoeing. For some variety, there are also rock-climbing, mountain-biking, and para-gliding.

  • The wildlife is intriguing. You can enjoy a safari at one of the 14 national parks, with elephants and leopards and up to 91 mammals. If you love birds, this is also the place to go, with its 233 resident species. If you count the migratory birds, that number goes up to 482.
  • It’s a great place to relax. We all know that you need to de-stress, and Sri Lanka is one of the centers of the 2,000-year old Ayurveda healing tradition. What that means is that you can enjoy ancient spa and massage techniques here, along with other Eastern and Western therapies. Combined with the natural beauty of the place and the distinct lack of pollution, it’s certainly relaxing.
  • There’s a full-blown festival at least once a month. There seems to be a festival every week, in fact. That’s not surprising when there are lots of different religions practiced in the island. Try to visit the during the Kandy Esala Perahera festival, as it’s the biggest hit among tourists.

  • It’s an exciting adventure for foodies. Those with a taste for culinary firsts will be entranced by the various Sri Lankan cuisines. You already know that it’s a multicultural island, so you can guess the sheer multiplicity of options available here. Of course, it will help if you develop a taste for rice. But whether you like seafood, desserts, short eats, and fresh fruits, you’ll get your fill here.

This list can go on and on—we haven’t even talked about the exotic architecture yet—but you get the point. It’s out of the way for sure, but your Facebook pictures and updates will be very different and more exciting when you take a vacation to Sri Lanka!

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