Top Things To Do in Sri Lanka

Sri Lanka is a huge island filled with fantastic scenery, whether you’re gazing at the natural beauty of the environment, the birds, elephants, monkeys, and leopards in the natural parks, or visiting ancient temples. But there’s more to the island than just sightseeing, and the numerous things to do in Sri Lanka can satisfy even the most ardent adventurers.

Here are a few suggestions regarding what to do in Sri Lanka:

  • Go kite surfing in Negombo beach. This is the birthplace and center of all kite surfing on the island. Plenty of coaches here who can teach you what you need to know, and within a week you’ll almost be as good as a pro.
  • Surf the impressive waves of Mirissa. This sandy crescent-shaped beach is surrounded by palm trees,  and the waves are great for beginners.
  • You can bring a video cam and get some footage of the whales swimming close to the shore. Dondra Point is a great spot if you want to see huge sperm whales and blue whales.
  • Go kayaking in the Mahaweli. This is the longest river in Sri Lanka, and you can spend as many as 4 days paddling along the 50-kilometer route.
  • Water raft on the Kelani River. This adventure goes on for 5 kilometers, and includes 5 major rapids along with 4 minor ones.
  • Go on a tea tasting tour along the plantations in Nuwara Eliya. You can ride a bike from place to place, and perhaps at some point you can even get a therapeutic tea massage.
  • Shoot videos of leopards, wild boars, sloth bears, and elephant herds in Yala National Park. This is one of the best game parks you can find outside Africa.
  • Ride the rails aboard a colonial train through the Sri Lanka countryside.
  • Enjoy the culinary delights in the classy restaurants and tempting street food stalls in Colombo, the capital where time and cultures mesh and collide. Make sure you get a taste of the street food Kottu Roti.
  • Climb the staircases on the sheer walls to the top of Sigiraya. Here you will find the ruins of an ancient civilization. The tranquil shrines, scenic water gardens, and beautiful moats add to the splendor of the nearby landscape.
  • You can also challenge yourself and climb for 7 hours from Ratnapura to the top of Samalakande. This spot is known as Sri Pada, where there’s the Sacred Footprint of Buddha before his ascent into paradise. It’s also known as Adam’s Peak, believed to be the spot where Adam first set foot after he was cast out of Eden.
  • Shop in the historic Fort area in Galle. Here the classic Dutch-colonial buildings perfectly meld with the lush tropical setting. This is a city of trade and art, and you’ll find plenty of tiny boutique shops and cafes, owned by artists, writers, and photographers both local and foreign.

These are only some of the things to do in Sri Lanka. Come and visit, and you can decide what to do in Sri Lanka for yourself!

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